Arancini, salt cod fritters and doughnuts: Warwick Street Kitchen

So Warwick Street Kitchen in Leamington Spa has been a favourite spot of mine for a good few months now – they serve the most indulgent dark chocolate mochas and sweet stuffed doughnuts! It was only up until two weeks ago however did I realise how much I had been missing out – their cooked lunches are absolutely GORGEOUS!


Treating ourselves to a pick-and-mix for two, we indulged in a portion of hollumi fries and a pair of harissa buffalo mozzarella arancini with a walnut pesto – absolutely divine and so incredibly reasonable for lunchtime! (I don’t think we even paid £15 for the two dishes and my coffee.) If you’re in the area, I implore you to go!



As soon as I noticed WSK’s Instagram post about their first tapas evening, I knew I just had to book on!

After popping into the Slate Art Gallery to ogle at my very talented friends embroidery for sale (congratulations again, Lauren!) we excitedly headed to the cafe ready for a feast.

The mood was lovely – small and cosy and warm and delicious, with all of the staff really keen to explain the dishes and take any feedback.

Shane and I decided to share several plates to get a real variety of the dishes, and we certainly weren’t disappointed! We begun with a buttermilk crispy chicken thigh that sat on a bed of yogurt and pomegranate seeds.


This plate was just delicious – I’m certainly no expert on food, but the salty chicken against the sharpness of the yogurt alongside the sweet hit of the pomegranate was just peeeeerfect.

After this, we indulged in the potato and courgette fritters – these little bites sat on lashings of baba ganoush – just YES! Light and fluffy and oh-so-easy-to-eat, preparing us for the richer flavours of dinner.


For mains, we opted for the salt cod fritters and pork belly; the salt cod fritters were abousetly wonderful, my favourite dish by far – paired with harissa peas, pickled cucumber and aoili, everything complimented each other so wonderfully.



The pork belly was soft and indulgent and delicious – sat on a bed of celeriac and apple puree, the flavours contrasted so wonderfully.

After a delicious evening of savoury indulgence, we opted for the sweetest treat of all and had WSK homemade doughnuts alongside three dips of salted caramel, melted peanut butter with walnuts and a dark chocolate ganache.


Oh, my, daaaaays. Oh so delicious but by this time I was fit to pop (luckily I opted for a pyjama style co-ord from Tesco which enabled for a bloated stomach!) Not one to shy away from a after dinner tipple however, I ordered a coconut milk Irish coffee, just yeeeeees.


We had a beautiful evening and I’m so incredibly excited for the next event – I’ll be enthusiastically encouraging everyone to book on!

Thanks for ready, any questions please don’t hesitate to shout!

Lisa X


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