Bagels and FarGo Village: a weekend with Lisa.

Good evening, you lovely lot. Hope you’ve had a good, relaxing weekend, (or indeed a lively, boozy one!) I’ve had a fairly relaxing but still productive weekend (ahead of a very, busy February!)

First and foremost, I must have a little hoot of joy before I write this article. As an enthaustaic foodie, I have definitely won the lottery of foodie life moving to Leamington Spa – there is so. much. GOOD. FOOD! So many beautiful independent restaurants and cafes alongside boutiques for sweet little birthday gifts. Lilac Rose, Lilac Rose, Lilac…

Steamhouse (not steakhouse, damn you autocorrect!) is one of my absolute favourites. Specialising in bagels, they have a neat little space nestled just off the Leamington Parade – it’s small and cosy and extremely hard to get in! Lucky for the unlucky, they offerSteakhouse Bagel takeaway bagels at a slightly reduced rate, so you could always grab a bagel to go and mooch over to our very beautify Jefferson Gardens to eat. I’ve had The Greek, The Yogi, The Modest The Pastrami Po Boy (after having a Po Boy in New Orleans, I just HAD TO try it) so far – all very different flavours but all equally delicious. The Greek is undoubtedly my favourite – stuffed generously with halloumi, avocado, hummus and salad with a gorgeous mustard dressing, its seriously delicious, satisfying and sleep inducing only fifteen minutes later or so. Whilst you’re there grab one of their milkshakes – GOD DAMN. They also serve donughts and brownies in an array of gorgeous flavours (yesterday I spotted a donught filled with strawberry daiquiri jam!) Do I need to say anymore?! Get yourself there guys!

FarGo Village
So, today Shane and I visited Fargo Village in Coventry for the first time. Well, kind of. We had stumbled across it accidentally whilst searching for food prior to watching Sundara Karma last year, but didn’t realise we had been there at all! We’re calling this our first ‘official’ mooch. FarGo Village is this neat little courtyard nestled on Far Gosford Street near Coventry town centre. It’s an eclectic mix of independent fashion designers, craft shops, vintage rails and cafes. Mooching around I spotted an array of knick-knacks, vintage blouses and gorgeous prints by independent artists. There’s also a brewery, tattoo parlour and Jamaican restaurant – plenty to amuse yourself with! With funky music floating through the village even in this bleak weather, I imagine it’s absolutely  marvellious on a summers day.


Nestled in FarGo Village, Leave it to Esmie is an absolute gem. It’s our second time eating at this Caribbean restaurant and we’ve both said we’d specifically drive to Coventry just to go there. We had the most delicious fruit slushies to drink whilst feasting on a sharing platter of jerk calamari, jerk cod nuggets and BBQ glazed wings. After this I had a Caribbean Burger for dinner (curry mutton in a giant dumpling that must have been made by the gods) whilst Shane had Curry Mutton with rice and salad. Salty, spicy and saucy goodness.

A brilliant weekend for food! Next weekend my parents come and visit us for a visit of The Leamington Guide Dogs Training Centre (labradors, eek!) – there’s sure to be some measure of dinner time indulgence!

Lisa X


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