2018 life according to Lisa: Self love, peachy bums and my PDP.

The Drawing Board, Leamington Spa

Sat nestled in a comfy cracked red leather chair with a pint of Hop House (and now a bowl of chips) by my side, I can’t help but reflect on the last few months, and my silly, unreserved happiness. Its a bold statement, but if I can’t sing from the rooftops about my happiness on my own blog, where can I sing about it?

I’m nestled in The Drawing Board in Leamington Spa, btw – a delicious little independent pub that I frequent every other Monday alongside several other ladies for Stitch and Bitch (more about that later). The atmosphere is great and I’m told the food is even better (and they’re doggy friendly). If you’re passing by or visiting over summer do check them out.

If I’m being entirely honest, I wasn’t sure what I would come here to write, and so I’m writing what feels right (it ain’t easy being cheesy.) So, I thought I’d reflect on the changes that have impacted me significantly last year, alongside my motivations and goals for the following 11 months.

Firstly, my apprenticeship. The end of a year is a strange time to take a career-changing plunge; the buildup to Christmas, the disjoint of a festive break, works Christmas parties – all things that bring a sense of warmth and familiarity. Leaving a respectably paid, full-time job in Administration and a lovely work family to dive into a Digital Marketing apprenticeship was scary, and only made scarier with the time of year. Luckily, I had the support of my boyfriend and parents and I’m so incredibly happy to now be developing skills I can carry throughout my career. I’m incredibly happy writing in a professional setting, and the marketing department at Formation Media have been so incredibly encouraging and supportive since I arrived. It still seems to be fairly unknown fact, but up until May last year apprenticeships were only available in the UK to guys and girls up to the age of 24. The game has completely changed now, with apprenticeships open to all ages (as long as you’re not educated to a higher level in the subject.) This fact, alongside a desire to just. do. something. different. is why I would totally say to fellow adults JUST GO FOR IT. The lighter wages are a bit daunting, but isn’t an unsatisfied life at work much worse?

This very conveniently leads me on to my PDP. My professional development plan was encouraged by my apprenticeship assessor, and truthfully it’s the first development plan I’ve ever done as an adult. My main goals this year are to develop my website here and it fits so perfectly – helping with my writing, website development, SEO research and also marketing myself. I hope to find out a bit more about myself along the journey, most importantly my writing voice.

This lastly brings me to my ever long quest for self-love. Anyone that knows me knows I struggle with a gluttonous appetite and consequently, my weight (hence the Honestly Indulgent). I’ve never been a slave to a diet, I love food, I love cocktails and I LOVE big portions – it’s as much me as the thick unruly curls on my head (thanks Dad). For the last five years or so I have found joy in various gyms and exercise classes, which have over time enabled me to love myself (and eat) so much more. I must say, exercise classes are the best, guys and gals. I remember tentatively booking a Zumba class at university, and worrying about the class up until the day – I think I even chickened out a few times and cancelled entirely. Do go, and do shake yourself around silly, regardless of the class size or the size of your fellow classmates. I’ve had the most fun at gym classes – bootcamp, boxing, circuits, legs bums and tums – I’ve done it and loved it. I’m currently attending two classes weekly at the moment named Bootylicious and Music Video – both of which I LOVE. Shaking my bum twice a week to Queen Bey, what’s not to love? I’m by no means a class A (or should I say, B?) dancer, but hell, I’m enthusiastic! If you’re in the area and nervous, come with me! Your moves will definitely look smoother against mine.

To summarise, 2018 will see me –

  • Shake my bum more.
  • Eat more cake – I want the cake, I’m going to eat the cake.
  • Dedicate my weekend time to Honestly Indulgent Lisa.
  • Spend more weekends this year indulging me and my personal pursuits.

If you have any goals/ambitions this year, do share them below! I love a good chat. 🙂

Lisa x




2 thoughts on “2018 life according to Lisa: Self love, peachy bums and my PDP.

  1. I love this! I share your passions for portions and treats, and my indulgences, also, leave me with more weight than I prefer. Your 2018 focuses are beautiful, I am dedicating 2018 to completely drowning myself in efforts to discover self love!


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